The movie “The new Mutants” of Marvel is delayed indefinitely by Disney

After Disney acquire Fox, the fate of the mutant film project “The New Mutants” continue to be shroud in darkness. According to iHorror, the mutant-colored film project The New Mutants continues to be delaye indefinitely. This is the fourth time the work miss an audience.

The current superhero movie series are making dramatic changes. If Marvel and Disney are at the forefront of humorous action movies then DC chooses a dark direction. Meanwhile, 20 Century Fox chose the direction of thorny, violent films for adults.

And thanks to the success of works such as Logan, Deadpool, Fox continues to make strong efforts to continue his films in the X-Men Universe with a slightly horror-orient film. The recent trailer of X-Men: The New Mutants has attract the attention of the audience because of its different style. Besides, director Josh Boone also reveal that the film will open for a trilogy of horror movies.

Originally shot by Fox in the middle of 2017, The New Mutants soon close in September of that year. After just one month, the audience had the opportunity to follow the first trailer of the project. The work, which belongs to the X-Men brand, revolves around 5 young mutants seeking to escape a secret facility that is holding themselves.

Initially, Fox planned to launch The New Mutants from April 2018?

However, the showtimes were soon change to February 2019. By early 2018, Fox studio once again delay the movie schedule to August 2 this year because director Josh Boone needs to return more scenes than expect.


Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure
Directed By: Josh Boone
Stars: Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Antonio Banderas
Written By: Josh Boone, Knate Lee
In Theaters: Apr 3, 2020 Limited
Production Co: Marvel Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox

In addition, investors want Boone to add horror to the work, as well as embellish a few other characters. Some sources believe that in order to meet that demand, the director needs to return to half the movie.

While the return process has not yet taken place, the Disney acquisition of Fox is quickly complete. Consequently, The New Mutants has no schedule to date, and certainly cannot make it to the audience in August this year.

According to 20th Century Fox, the film will be in a completely different style from its predecessors, becoming a “ghost house” of the X-Men world. Yes, the New Mutants trailer is as dark and haunting as the blumhouse or Conjuring Movie Universe.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the backstage of The New Mutants has too many mysteries. It is not clear why Josh Boone has not been able to return to the film at the investor’s previous request.

A few weeks ago, Disney had a new project presentation at CinemaCon, and the name The New Mutants unexpectedly appear in the 2019 release calendar.

However, a large number of people believe that the film will not be release in theaters as originally expect, but was release through one of the two online movie services of the “rat house” is Disney + or Hulu.

The stars of The New Mutants themselves did not know the project situation. Recently, in a conversation with Rolling Stone magazine, Maisie Williams said: “I do not understand when the damn movie will be release.” She also reveal that she had just met her co-star Charlie Heaton, and the young actor also completely “blinded” like the actress.

Earlier, on that Glass carpet, another actor, Anya Taylor-Joy, was also ask about The New Mutants. She just said, “It’s about time you guys enjoy the movie.”

Unlike The New Mutants, another X-Men project, Dark Phoenix, is ready to premiere, albeit many times with delay release. It is said to be the work that closes the 20-year journey of the mutant film brand produce by Fox, and is schedule to open from June 7.

It is widely believe that the newly added character will be Warlock – an alien with the ability to transform in the original.

New Mutants is the world’s first ghost-style superhero movie. The tone and superpower of the characters in the movie are quite dark.

New Mutants first appeare in Marvel Graphic Novel # 4 (December 1982). The group was found and train by Professor X to become the next mutant generation. The missions of this group are also mysterious, bizarre colors about the dimensions of evil. Later, New Mutants became members of X-Force after being recruit by Cable. Since both Professor X and Emma Frost are dead, the reason New Mutants was founded in the X-Men universe remains a question mark. In addition, Cable will also appear in Deadpool 2 so it is likely that this group will have an interaction with the future X-Men timeline.

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