18 Facts Revealed About The Kung Fu Action Movie Star ‘Jet Li’

Jet Li, A Chinese Super Star. He is famous for shooting kung fu films. You could be able to see him in many classic Hong Kong films. He is the generation of kung fu superstar. He just took credit where credit’s due. Besides the actor, Jet Li is also a film producer, martial artist and Wushu champion. His lightning is fast moves and inventive choreography. The following are 20 most important facts about this Super star, something you may not know before.

1. He became a Singapore citizen during 2009, by renouncing the US Citizenship. He did so because the education system in Singapore is good for his daughters. His Chinese name is Li Lianjie.

2. Jet Li made his directional debut with the film “Born to Defence” in the year 1986. He also worked as martial arts choreographer in this film.

3. Being a Tibetan Buddhist, Jet Li has strong belief in “The difficulties of everyday life can be overcome with the help of religious philosophies.”

4. He was initially cast as Li Mu Bai in the 2000 movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” but had to turn it down, due to his promise to his wife Nina Li Chi that he would not work while she was pregnant.

5. Jet Li performed the role of policeman in the film “Kiss The Dragon,” which was banned in China because he played a character that kills the foreigners. He was also the writer of this film.

6. Li acted for free for the drama “Ocean Heaven” in 2010 and it was his first full dramatic role. His subsequent films: Badges of Fury (2013).

7. Even though Jet Li is not good in English in the film “Romeo Must Die,” his character attracted the audience and was also well received.

8. He made his first debut in the Hollywood film called “Lethal Weapon 4” in 1998 as a villain. This film directed by Richard Donner. This also marks his first ever villain role in his entire career.

9. During one particular fight sequence in the movie “Lethal Weapon 4,” Jet Li’s actions were so fast that the camera was not able to capture all his moves. The director asked Jet Li to perform his actions again, but slowly.

Jet Li – The Kung Fu Action Movie Star

10. Jet Li won five gold medals in martial arts during his childhood. He was crowned “Gold Champion” at the Chinese martial arts competition and even got the name as Jet, for his blazing speed in martial arts.

11. Jet Li has been known as Astaire of Hong Kong action film. It is reported that although he was very brave through all the action scenes in front of the people who are in the set, still his face turns red when a girl moves close to him.

12. Jet Li’s Character name in the film “Expendables” was Yin Yang. Originally, his character’s name’s listed as Kong Kao.

13. Almost 18000 Authentic soldiers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and 300 Ebony horsed were utilized in Li’s film “Hero.”

14. Last fight scene of the film “Once Upon a Time in China – 2” performed by Li with plaster on his knee.

15. When he made his Hollywood debut, all he knew was only a few words in English, like ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Thank you,’ and so on.

16. Jet Li and Jackie Chan are planning to collaborate once again for another movie, following their first teaming up in “The Forbidden Kingdom.” Both Li and Chan revealed their desire to work together at Hong Kong news conference, to promote the “Lion Gate Films.”

17. Jet Li’s character name in this film “Lethal Weapon 4,” was Wah Sing Ku. Jackie Chan’s the first person chosen for the role, who refused to perform the role as villain.

18. Li’s unsatisfied film was “War” in 2007. He has expressed his dissatisfaction about the movie, in many interviews stating that he was not happy with this film.

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