Eve of Abduction 2018: Different and routine

Whilst her ex, Henry (Philip Boyd – In-Lawfully Yours), still has feelings for her, single mom, Stephanie (Sarah Lind – Hidden Truth) has fallen deeply for Jameson (Robb Derringer), a widower with a teen son. After a romantic proposal, which she says yes to. Stephanie receives a terrifying phone call from someone who threatens to abduct her daughter. Caitlin (Dylan Raine Woods), unless she breaks off the engagement. Despite this Stephanie goes ahead and marries Jameson and just the two of them go on a romantic honeymoon together. But when they return Caitlin is abducted and Stephanie. Desperate to find her daughter, takes matters in to her own hands. But what she learns doesn’t make sense as the kidnapper is actually on her side.

Let me get straight to the point, Eve of Abduction (Cuoc Choi Sinh Tu). Which is also known as “My Little Girl Is Gone”, is both obvious and different, and routine. How can that be? Well we have an abducted child storyline and anyone who watches TV movies will believe they know what is going to happen with Stephanie taking matters in to her own hands. But then we get something different. A little bit clever as it turns out the kidnapper is actually doing what they are doing to try and protect Stephanie. It’s an interesting set up. And one which leads us to question of who is behind it and there area few suspects. Including the teenage son’s high school friend who when he meets Stephanie you can read his teenage mind.

But about half way through and “Eve of Abduction” changes direction. And it is all about what the kidnapper is trying to protect Stephanie from. This is where things become a little more routine and certainly a lot more predictable as the movie build to a dramatic ending. Well I say dramatic but in truth I have seen better and as is often the case there is that additional happy ever after scene tagged on to the end.

And to be honest everyone in this plays their parts quite nicely be it Sarah Lind as Stephanie or C.J. Valleroy as that teenage friend of the son. It is because everyone is so effective you find yourself doing the suspect dance and every time you think you are sure you begin to wonder whether maybe, just maybe it is that other character or what seems obvious will end up with a twist. Now in fairness these characters are not great. Basically they are as forgettable as the majority of characters in made for TV movies are. And the actors generally are good looking, a little too good looking to be believable. But they certainly draw you in to the action movie (phim hanh dong trinh tham).

What this all boils down to is that “Eve of Abduction” ends up an entertaining made for TV movie with an interesting take on a child abduction storyline as it combines it with a twist which changes the direction of the movie.

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