Les Gorilles 2015 Review: Fascinated by stars and people

A very ill-matched duo. After “Narco” in 2004 and “Minors 27” in 2011.  So the dark rooms welcome the third feature film by Tristan Aurouet. With Les Gorillas (Ve Si Ngao), the director adds his contribution to the history of the buddy movie in cinema.

Fascinated by stars and people, Walter (Manu Payet) passes the competition to work in the Service for the Protection of High Personalities . Despite deplorable notes, a stratagem allows him to be received. For his first contract , he teams up with brutal and jaded agent Alfonso (JoeyStarr). So their mission, to protect the young singer of RnB Jal-Y (Alice Belaïdi). Whose ex-boyfriend, a notorious criminal, has just escaped.

In the vein of “Compères” by Francis Veber, Les gorilles (english name: Buddy Guards) offers the viewer a distracting action comedy (phim hanh dong hai huoc) based on the patter of its two main actors . So the flowery language of Manu Payet who will excite his fans.

Movie Summary

Alfonso, brutal agent of the Department of Protection of High Personalities, is forced to team up with Walter, young inexperienced recruit, fascinated by the world of show biz. So this improbable duo is in charge of the protection of Jal-Y. Young star of the R’n’B, threatened by his ex, a criminal on the run.

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